Zeralda e o Dragón (‘Zeralda and the Dragon)

portada Zeralda e o Dragón (‘Zeralda and the Dragon)
Publishing Details
Publisher: Editorial Galaxia
First Edition: 2012
ISBN: 978-84-9865-465-3
Pages: 50
Collection: Árbore
Illustrations: Fran Jaraba


The terrible dragon Moghur terrorises the people of the region by frequently attacking the inhabitants and stealing whatever is valuable. Zeralda, the princess of Moebia, decides to seek vengeance. While the monster is sleeping, she steals the treasure he keeps in his cave. Taking revenge with the help of the Ancient Wizard, the dragon becomes the handsome young prince Xabrin who manages to deceive Zeralda with his charms.

A story which follows the model of classic fantasy tales in structure, narrative formulas and subject matter, and in which the protagonist role given to the princess stands out.


Ramón Nicolas. Blog Caderno da Crítica

An unorthodox text, subversive in terms of role assignation and brave in its innovations and in the decisive break with stereotypes that it projects.