Corredores de sombra (‘Corridors of Shadow’)

portada Corredores de sombra (‘Corridors of Shadow’)
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Publisher: Edicións Xerais
First Edition: 2006
ISBN: 978-84-9782-425-5
Pages: 220

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The Spanish Civil War and its dramatic consequences are the backdrop to this story, loaded with interesting nuances. In the Soutelo country manor, when some reforms are being carried out, a skeleton is discovered behind a wall: it is a man, more than fifty years old, with a bullet hole in the head. Clara Soutelo is the narrator of the events which she experienced during the summer when she was sixteen years old. Who is the dead man? Who killed him? The complex investigation will lead her to dig into her family’s past and also to reach out to love for the first time. With touches resembling a thriller, the work recreates the entire investigation process, providing us with moments of great tension. It also deals with the character’s awareness, when she is forced to choose her own path in life, only supported by her uncle Carlos.

portada Corredores de sombra
ISBN: 84-675-0879-5
Pages: 205
Publisher: SM

Translation: Isabel Soto
Corredores de sombra

A raíz de unas obras de restauración en el pazo de la familia Soutelo, se descubre un cadáver con una herida de bala. Clara Soutelo comenzará a investigar los secretos de su familia, rememorando hechos ocurridos durante la Guerra Civil. De esta forma reivindicará su libertad, enfrentándose a su entorno.

portada Corridors of Shadow
ISBN: 978-954-384-050-2
Pages: 208
Publisher: Small Station Press, 2016

Translation: Jonathan Dunne
Corridors of Shadow

Clara Soutelo is a sixteen-year-old girl who spends her summers in the town of Vilarelle in Galicia. She descends from a well-to-do family that was on the winning side in Spain’s Civil War and that occupies the manor house in Vilarelle. All the local families look up to them, and Clara has taken this attitude for granted. That is until the summer of 1995, when a skeleton is discovered in the manor house during restoration work. It has been walled up for many years, perhaps since the time of the Civil War, and the skull has a bullet hole. Clara also discovers a ring bearing the initial ‘R’. What is the identity of the victim, and who wielded the murder weapon? The search for the discovery of the truth will lead Clara into her family’s inglorious past through the witness of the town’s inhabitants, and will also sow the seeds of romance between her and a young mechanic by the name of Miguel, descendant of the bookbinder Ishmael, with whom she shares the secret pleasure of reading.

portada Passadissos d’ombra
ISBN: 978-84-9824-231-7
Pages: 219
Publisher: Bromera

Translation: Josep Franco Martínez
Passadissos d’ombra

Unes obres de restauració al pazo dels Soutelo trauen a la llum un cadàver emparedat cinquanta anys enrere, amb un forat de bala al cap. Qui és el mort? Quina mà va empunyar la pistola que el va assassinar? Clara Soutelo, testimoni involuntari del descobriment, assumeix el repte de desvelar el misteri que s’amaga darrere d’ aquestes preguntes.

Comença així una investigació complicada que la portarà a indagar el passat familiar. Molt de temps després, ja adulta, decideix narrar els fets d’ aquell estiu en què tenia setze anys, quan va descobrir la plenitud del primer amor i va canviar per sempre la seua manera d’ entendre la vida.

  • Frei Martiño Sarmiento Award 2007