A cidade dos desexos (‘The City of Desires’)

portada A cidade dos desexos (‘The City of Desires’)
Publishing Details
Publisher: Edicións Xerais
First Edition: 1989
ISBN: 84-9782-303-6
Pages: 57
Collection: Merlín
Illustrations: Manuel Uhía


A group of boys and girls who usually meet in an abandoned building, see their old refuge become a new commercial establishment: the Centre for the Promotion of Fantastic Initiatives. It is run by Ana, a woman with a touch of fairy about her. With her magical powers, she can make any desire become reality, as long as it is not a selfish request. The three wishes made by the children have the effect of transforming the city from top to bottom. An adventure novel protagonised by a gang of children, which is dominated by the environmental theme and the idea that it is possible to improve the world starting closest to home.

portada La ciudad de los deseos
ISBN: 84-89804-04-4
Pages: 46
Publisher: Lóguez Ediciones
Illustrations: Manuel Uhía
Translation: Maribel G.Martínez
La ciudad de los deseos

Un día, los niños y niñas de la pandilla se encuentran con una persona inquietante, capaz de hacer las cosas más extrañas y sorprendentes. Con esa persona van a emprender la aventura de cambiar por completo la ciudad en la que vive. Y no va a ser una tarea fácil.