A pastelería de dona Remedios (Doña Remedios’ Bakery)

portada A pastelería de dona Remedios (Doña Remedios’ Bakery)
Publishing Details
Publisher: Rodeira
First Edition: 2008
ISBN: 978-84-8349-122-5
Illustrations: Piérola Mabel


“Paradise” is the bakery run by Doña Remedios, and in it authentic delights are carefully created. Once a month, and for some time, something fateful always happens, causing part of the orders to end up hopelessly in the rubbish. This event coincides with the visit of Doña Remedios’ nephew, Luis, a curious and restless boy.

A story set in an everyday environment, which deals humorously with Luis’ innocent pranks and instils doubt about his true role in the unfortunate events which take place in the bakery.