Un mundo de palabras (‘A World of Words’)

portada Un mundo de palabras (‘A World of Words’)
Publishing Details
Publisher: Edicións Xerais
First Edition: June 2017
ISBN: 978-84-9121-234-8
Pages: 158
Collection: Xerais Crónica


Published posthumously, Un mundo de palabras gathers together more traces of Agustín Fernández Paz, giving continuity to a project conceived by the author in which the first fruit was O rastro que deixamos (The Traces We Leave, 2012). The different texts in this anthology present reflections on the act of reading and the love of literature. It is a memoir of the reader that AFP was throughout his life from the moment his father introduced to him to a world that immediately fascinated him. However, it also contains theoretical works which relate to his teaching experience and delve into the concept of reading as a tool to access knowledge and its importance for constructing a modern, fair and freer society, among other aspects.
These texts once again allow us to enjoy the voice of Augstín Fernández Paz in the first person, with the lucidity and coherence which he demonstrated throughout his public career, and to read his messages charged with optimism and the hope for a better future. With a tone of respect and admiration, these pages reveal the valuable legacy of an inveterate reader and an unforgettable writer.