Raquel ten medo (‘Rachel is Afraid’)

portada Raquel ten medo (‘Rachel is Afraid’)
Publishing Details
Publisher: Edicións Xerais
First Edition: 2004
ISBN: 84-9782-156-4
Pages: 23
Illustrations: Marina Seoane


Rachel is in bed and cannot sleep. She looks towards the window and sees an enormous monster. Frightened, she wakes up her sister Tina, who turns on the light and explains that it was just the shadows cast by the apple tree in the garden. She then discovers a ghost: it is the curtains being moved by the wind. She then hears a skeleton hidden in the wardrobe, but it is only the door creaking. Two vampire eyes appear before her, which belong to the cuddly toy on the shelf. Tired of being woken up, Tina takes Rachel’s favourite toy and gives it to her. She hugs the teddy bear, and then Rachel falls asleep. A simple story where the author once again delicately deals with a subject which affects the youngest readers: fear of the dark and nighttime horrors.

portada Rakel beldur da
ISBN: 978-84-9746-171-9
Pages: 24
Publisher: Erein
Illustrations: Marina Seoane
Translation: Rosetta Testu Zerbitzuak
Rakel beldur da

Munstro bat ikusi duela iruditzen zaion bakoitzeko Rakelek esnatu egiten du bere ahizpa Tina. Lehen mailako idazle puntakoenak idatzitako letra magikoak dira sail honetan aurkituko direnak.

portada Raquel té por
ISBN: 978-84-7660-946-0
Pages: 24
Publisher: Bromera
Illustrations: Marina Seoane
Raquel té por

Cada vegada que creu veure un monstre, Raquel desperta la seua germana Tina.

portada Raquel tiene miedo
ISBN: 978-84-95722-58-4
Pages: 23
Publisher: Algar
Illustrations: Marina Seoane
Raquel tiene miedo

Cada vez que cree ver un monstruo, Raquel despierta a su hermana Tina.

  • VI GÁLIX Reading Award VI for Best Book for 7 and Under and Best Illustrated Book, 2006