A fuxida do mar (‘The Disappearance of the Sea’)

portada A fuxida do mar (‘The Disappearance of the Sea’)
Publishing Details
Publisher: Edicións Xerais
First Edition: 2005
ISBN: 84-9782-288-9
Pages: 22
Illustrations: Enric Solbes


Raquel lives in a house by the sea and she can see it from her bedroom window. Apart from being the place where she plays, her father goes out every night to fish and to return with a boat loaded with fish. One morning the sea disappears. For the small children it is a fascinating novelty, but the adults are sad and worried. Andre, an old sailor, tells Raquel what salmon do: they grow in rivers, travel to the sea and when they become adults they return to the river where they where born. That night whilst in bed, Raquel thinks that maybe the sea will return like the salmon do. When she wakes up, the sea is back! Raquel then feels a deep joy, the same joy that we all feel when someone we love one day leaves and then comes back home.

portada Itsasoak ihes
ISBN: 84-9746-231-9
Pages: 24
Publisher: Erein
Illustrations: Enric Solbes
Translation: Rosetta Testu Zerbitzuak
Itsasoak ihes

Rakeli asko gustatzen zaio itsasoa udan, hondartzara joaten denean, baina baita neguan ere, hondarreran olatuek ekartzen dituzten gauzen bila aritzen denean. Baina, halako batean, itsasoa desagertu egin da!

portada La fugida del mar
ISBN: 978-84-7660-530-1
Pages: 24
Publisher: Bromera
Illustrations: Enric Solbes
Translation: Maria Viu
La fugida del mar

A Raquel li agrada el mar a l’estiu, quan va a la platja, però també a l’hivern, quan recorre l’arenal buscant els objectes que porten les ones. Però un dia, el mar ha desaparegut!

portada La huida del mar
ISBN: 84-95722-91-7
Pages: 22
Publisher: Algar
Illustrations: Enric Solbes
Translation: Agustín Fernández paz
La huida del mar

A Raquel le gusta el mar en verano, cuando va a la playa, pero también en invierno, cuando recorre el arenal buscando los objetos que traen las olas. Pero un día, ¡el mar ha desaparecido!