La Página Escrita Publishes an Extensive Interview with Agustín Fernández Paz

The magazine La Página Escrita is a quarterly digital publication edited by the Fundación Jordi Sierra i Fabra in Barcelona and the Taller de Letras Jordi Sierra i Fabra foundation in Medellín (Colombia).

As they explain in the first issue, “It is a magazine aimed at young (and not so young) readers who want to become writers, as well as at teachers, educators, librarians and whosoever is involved in the world of culture.” In each of its issues (totalling eleven this April), in addition to many other sections, they publish a long interview with an author and another with an illustrator, both of whom come from Spain, Central or South America. In issue number 9, Agustín Fernández Paz was the chosen writer.

Click here to read the entire magazine.

The interview with AFP can be found in this PDF