Trasalba Award 2014

(The image shows a view of the Pazo de Trasalba from the entrance door)

The Otero Pedrayo Foundation has chosen the author Agustín Fernández Paz for the 2014 Trasalba Award. His solid and well-known literary career, his unwavering commitment to the Galician language, and his active participation in the teaching reform movement are a few of the reasons given by the organisation to explain their selection of the author as the representative of Galician culture. Fernández Paz will receive the award at the Casa Grande de Cimadevila in Amoeiro at a ceremony on 29th June 2014 to celebrate the 32nd edition of the Trasalba Award. Previous recipients include: writers such as Méndez Ferrín and Xosé Neira Villas; educators such as Antía Cal Vázquez; geographers and historians such as Augusto Pérez Alberti and Xosé Manuel Barreiro Fernández; and artists such as Milladoiro and Cristina Pato.
The literary event will take place in the auditorium of the house museum, with a laudatory speech from the writer Francisco Castro. There will also be a presentation of Fernández Paz’s new collaborative book Agustín Fernández Paz. Na casa da esperanza (‘In the House of Hope’).