O segredo da Illa Negra (‘The Secret of Black Island’)

portada O segredo da Illa Negra (‘The Secret of Black Island’)
Publishing Details
Publisher: Edicións Xerais de Galicia
First Edition: 2015
ISBN: 978-84-9914-847-2
Pages: 120
Collection: Sopa de Libros
Illustrations: Miguelanxo Prado


The two long stories in this book are narrated following in the footsteps of the marvellous tales from the oral tradition, with the addition of elements belonging to the thriller and mystery genres.

“The Mermaid of Black Island”, is the longest of the two tales. It tells the story of Sara, a girl who lives in a coastal village. Her brother Uriel, a fisherman like their father, throws his nets into the waters surrounding Black Island, which is inhabited by a cruel mermaid who soon takes him prisoner. Sara decides to sail to the island to free Uriel, aided only by three magical shells.

In the other story, “The Snow Curse”, the protagonist is also a girl: Blanca lives with her parents on a farm in a remote valley. When a strange black fog fills the valley, everyone who lives there appears to die, everyone except Blanca, who possesses a magic triskelion that serves as a protective amulet. The young girl embarks on a long journey to the Tower of the Crows, which she intuits might house the root of the evil. In the Tower she must pass difficult tests with the help of her magical triskelion.

portada El secreto de la Isla Negra
ISBN: 978-84-698-0870-2
Pages: 115
Publisher: Anaya, marzo 2017
Illustrations: Miguelanxo Prado
Translation: Isabel Soto
El secreto de la Isla Negra

Dos intrépidas niñas son las protagonistas de los relatos que forman este volumen. En el primero conoceremos a Sara, que no pierde la esperanza de encontrar con vida a su hermano Uriel, desaparecido en los alrededores de Isla Negra. En el segundo, es Branca quien no duda en emprender un incierto viaje para acabar con la Niebla Negra que ha hechizado a sus padres y que va dejando un río de muerte tras de sí.