¡Que medo, Mamá Raquel! (I’m Scared, Mama Rachel!)

portada ¡Que medo, Mamá Raquel! (I’m Scared, Mama Rachel!)
Publishing Details
Publisher: Edicións Xerais
First Edition: 2005
ISBN: 84-9782-380-X
Pages: 38
Illustrations: Fran Jaraba


Sara and Fran are siblings who have chilling adventures on a Friday night when they are alone waiting for their grandmother to come and look after them. Because of the wind and the rain, there is a power cut, and the house and the streets are disfigured by the dark, causing the apparition of fearful characters. Everything comes to an end when the power cut ends and the children find Mama Rachel, whom even witches, wolves and ogres would not take on. A horror story which creates an unsettling atmosphere, beginning right from the title’s typography.