No corazón do bosque (‘In the Heart of the Forest’)

portada No corazón do bosque (‘In the Heart of the Forest’)
Publishing Details
Publisher: Edicións Xerais
First Edition: 2001
ISBN: 978-84-8302-749-3
Pages: 144
Illustrations: Miguelanxo Prado


Raquel is nine years old and lives in the city. One day she goes on a school trip with her class to the “Fragas do Eume” forest. When she returns home, she is surprised to discover that a tiny old being has sneaked into her rucksack. It is Derdrín, a goblin who is more than three hundred years old. He lived in the forest but did not want to spend the winter alone. He tells Raquel that he only needs conversation and very little food. Raquel agrees to put him up in secret and offers him her Barbie caravan to sleep in.

The novel is a chronicle of the months they spend together, during which Derdrín will exert a strong influence over the girl’s life, not only with regard to her family but also at school. An affectionate story full of humour, which defends the need for fantasy and also the role of ancient myths in any society.

portada Basoaren bihotzean
ISBN: 84-667-0508-2
Pages: 144
Publisher: Anaya
Illustrations: Miguelanxo Prado
Translation: Mikel Garmendia
Basoaren bihotzean

Rakelek ez zuen sekula ahaztuko txango hura: bidaia hura autobusez, baso sakon hura, ibaiko ur bizi haiek, monasterio zahar hura…eta, batez ere, bere motxilaren barruan aurkitu zuen pertsonaia bitxi hura.

portada En el cor del bosc
ISBN: 978-84-489-0970-3
Pages: 144
Publisher: Barcanova
Illustrations: Miguelanxo Prado
Translation: Pau Joan Hernández
En el cor del bosc

Aquella excursió va ser inoblidable per a la Raquel: el viatge amb autobús, el bosc immens, les braves aigües del riu, el vell monestir…i, sobretot, el descobriment d’un estrany personatge a l’interior de la seva motxilla.

portada En el corazón del bosque
ISBN: 978-84-207-1282-6
Pages: 144
Publisher: Anaya
Illustrations: Miguelanxo Prado
Translation: Rafael Chacón
En el corazón del bosque

Aquella sería una excursión inolvidable para Raquel: el viaje en autobús, el bosque inmenso, las bravas aguas del río, el viejo monasterio… y, sobre todo, el descubrimiento de un extraño personaje en el interior de su mochila.

  • Finalist for the National Award for Literature, 2002