Amizades secretas (‘Secret Friendships’)

portada Amizades secretas (‘Secret Friendships’)
Publishing Details
Publisher: Rodeira-Edebé
First Edition: 2015
ISBN: 978-84-8349-394-6
Pages: 72
Collection: Tucán
Illustrations: Marta Altés


Inside the partition wall of an uninhabited house lives a family of mice: the father, the mother and their three offspring, Longtail, Glutton and Big Eyes, the littlest mouse, who is more clever and braver than her two brothers. Big Eyes loves exploring all the rooms in the house. During one of her exploratory mornings, she gets a big surprise: when she enters the kitchen, she discovers that it is now inhabited. A family moved in the previous afternoon, a young couple with a daughter called Beatrice.

Beatrice would love to have a pet, but her parents are against the idea. The girl wants to make friends with the little mouse she sees crossing the kitchen at lightning speed, but she has to make quite an effort to convince her. Meanwhile, she has to neutralise the numerous mousetraps set by her parents.

The fascination boys and girls have for animals is at the heart of this narration, told with an original double perspective: that of the mice and the humans. Two very different realities connected by a single thread woven between Beatrice and Big Eyes.

portada Amistades secretas
ISBN: 978-84-683-1592-8
Pages: 72
Publisher: Edebé, 2015
Illustrations: Marta Altés
Translation: Isabel Soto
Amistades secretas

Ojos Grandes es una pequeña ratoncita muy curiosa. Ella y su familia viven en una madriguera, entre dos viviendas de una casa de la ciudad vieja. Una de ellas está deshabitada… hasta que Beatriz y su familia ocupan el piso. Ojos Grandes se asusta en cuanto Beatriz la ve. Ahora los humanos ya saben que ¡los ratones están allí!