Corazón de pedra (Heart of Stone)

portada Corazón de pedra (Heart of Stone)
Publishing Details
Publisher: Oxford
First Edition: 2011
ISBN: 978-84-673-5800-1
Pages: 128
Illustrations: Federico Delicado


All children have a favourite animal and for Brenda it is dragons. Having read many books on the topic, Brenda knows what dragons were like and how they lived, but she does not understand why they disappeared from the world.

When the summer holidays arrive, the girl travels to a country house with her parents, a house close to a dense forest. Through an ancient legend about a dragon, Brenda discovers a mysterious stone in the midst of the forest. Corazón de pedra narrates an exciting adventure, which reminds us of the power which fantasy has to change our lives.


Armando Requeixo. Blog Criticalia (8-5-2012)

There is no doubt that Corazón de pedra is an attractive story, full of fascination and written with the rhythm and knowledge of one of our most brilliant authors.