Os pais de Agustín Fernández Paz. Primeiros anos corenta.
Na Escola Graduada de Vilalba. Aula de don Félix. Entre 1955 e 1957.
Na alameda de Vilalba, co seu irmán Luís, o tío Roca e tres dos seus curmáns.
Excursión a Covadonga. Curso 1961-62, na Universidade Laboral de Xixón.

Trip to Los Lagos, with more friends from the Laboral. Easter 1963.
Shift work in the Universidad Laboral workshops. Class of 1963-64.
In Universidad Laboral. End of year 1963-64 photo. Agustín is in the first row, third from the rigth.
In Vilalba, in the procession for the Guadalupe Virgin, with a group of friends.

At a festival in Xermade. Summer 1966.
With his parents at the Universidad Laboral in Gijon. May 1966.
Agustín Fernández Paz, in the Os Novos River, Vilalba, 1970.
With his 3rd year pupils from the “Raquel Camacho” Primary School. A Coruña, June 1976.

In Guernica during the 1977-78 course, at the commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the bombardment of the town by the German airforce.
In Barcelona in 1989.
With his daughter Marina, playing on the Seselle beach (Ares).
At the IBBY Congress (Seville, 1994). From right to left: Agustín, Paula Carballeira, J. Vitorio Nogueira, M. Carme Bar, Xabier P. DoCampo y M. Xesús Fernández.

In front of the Andersen statue in Copenhagen. April 2006.
Next to the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen. April 2006.
Planting a camellia with his students from “Rosais 2” Secondary School, in his farewell as a teacher. 2007.
At the “Mas Canosa” school in Miami, after meeting with the student body. 2008.

Writing at his work desk in his house in Vigo in 2008.
Receiving the National Award in Teruel for O único que queda é o amor (Nothing Really Matters in Life More Than Love). July 2008.
In the “Passage of Dreams” in Vilalba at the inauguration of a sculpture dedicated to his work. December, 2008.
With Jules Verne in Vigo. 2009.

Inauguration of the “Agustín Fernández Paz” Library at the “Auga da Laxe” Secondary School (Gondomar). 31st March, 2009.
Collecting the “Letra E” Award, given by the Galician Language Writers’ Association in recognition of his career. 2009.
On the Isle of San Simón, 6th June, 2009, delivering a speech for the celebration of the 26th Xerais Awards.
With his sister Tita before the monument erected as an homage “O escritor na súa terra” (‘The Writer in His Own Land’) from the Galician Language Writers’ Association. Vilalba, 20th June, 2009.

Planting a birch tree at the same dedication, “O escritor na súa terra”.
With Xavier P. Docampo and Paco Martín, the other two members of the so-called “Lamote generation”. Lugo, 2009.
A sample of the writer’s handwritten work in his characteristic yellow notebooks.
Speech at the VII SM Iberoamericano Award Ceremony at the International Book Fair in Guadalajara (Mexico). December, 2011.

In Vigo, next to the old Rectory with Manuel Bragado, Inmaculada Reino and Celia Torres.
With Jordi Sierra i Fabra at the Bologna International Book Fair, in 2005 when Spain was the guest country.
Signing books at the Havana Book Fair, in 2008 when Galicia was the guest country.
With Manuel Bragado and Xabier P. DoCampo at the supper for the AELG Award ceremony (2010).

With Xavier P. DoCampo in Santiago de Compostela, on a balcony in the Xelmirez Palace with the Plaza del Obradoiro in the background.
On the top of the Round Tower, famous for its spiral ramp, with the city of Copenhagen in the background.
Photo for the book Cociñanado ao pé da letra, by Yolanda Castaño and Andrea Costas. AFP is in front of a fountain of false ears made from the pages of a manuscript.
Interviewed by Rosa Aneiros during the Guadalajara International Book Fair (Mexico) in 2011.