Agustín Fernández Paz

All stories are woven from the threads of life


Agustín Fernández Paz has been interviewed on numerous occasions. Here you can access a selection of interviews on the writing trade or about some of his books.


Here you have the author’s gallery of images: a journey through his biography through photographs. You will also discover other images related to his work.


Enter a multimedia archive about the author’s life and work: videos on the web (interviews, book trailers, etc.), audio and other multimedia elements which lead you through his imaginary worlds.


A section which holds news about AFP’s life and his books: publishing novelties, trips, event participation and other items from his literary activity.

On Books, Cinema and Comics. AFP’s Blog

A section where Agustín Fernández Paz comments on some of his great passions: books, cinema, comics and other cultural topics.

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